OPEN : Bank Holiday

We are open Bank Holiday Monday (30th Aug) between 12-4pm :

New releases from Crippled Black Phoenix . Richard Thompson (2cd version). Miles Davis : Bitches Brew reissue . Lush new KOMPAKT label compilation TOTAL 11 . No age Glitter 7″ and 12″ .. Antony and the johnsons EP on cd / 12″ … and much much more 🙂


Ooow, a blog type thing.

We’re entering the third week in our third ever home and things are terribly exciting. The move was exhausting, the help provided by friends, customers and fellow shop keepers in the local area kept us going whenever we ran out of steam.  Thanks so much to everyone who gave their time to help us out, it’s great to be back.

Despite some comments ”oh, you’re finally open” … we’ve not spent the past few weeks on holiday or sat on our bums drinking tea (ok, we *did* drink a bit of tea…)! … The move out of 36, The Hayes was 14 days solid of back breaking and sweaty lifting, demolishing and all round grafting.  See, we were in that place from the 1940s and with a 1,000 sq ft of basement a LOT of ”stuff” had built up!   But that’s just half the point as our new home also needed some tweaks here and there to get it right for opening.  Mind you, we did make time to serve a fair few customers during our relocation period.  If we had it in stock – then as if we’d turn you away, (though as health and safety monitor I must add that all serving of customers took place over the threshold of the door – not in the building site zone we were in, like we’d risk damaging a precious customer, tsk).  Weirdly – I don’t think any of the customers we served in that interim period were at all phased by being assisted my someone in overalls or wielding a power tool in one hand.

Coming up next : some blow by blow pictures of moving stuff … some top finds, press links and recommends.

Come see us in our new home when you get a chance. (all you need to do is follow your nose to our next door neighbors Crumbs).

Just to leave you – here’s a lovely post from a lady called Ange who was (at one point in the final ‘official’ moments on our final day in 36, The Hayes) our ‘last customer’ … Thanks Ange!