Emporium of musical delights since 1894.
World’s oldest record(ed music) shop (and whatever that may mean be it Wax Cylinders / Tapes / LPs / CDs).

Proud to be independent.

We are here :

27, The Morgan Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1AF   029 20224905 / info@spillersrecords.com / http://www.spillersrecords.com / twitter.com/spillersrecords

Previously of :

31, The Morgan Arcade, CF10 1AF (Summer 2010 – Dec 2014)

36, The Hayes, Cardiff, CF10 1AJ  (19fortysomething – Summer of 2010)

Queens Arcade, Cardiff (1894 – 19fortysomething)

Founder : Henry Spiller.

Purpose :

Feb 2017 : The main purpose of returning to this blog after 6 years was with the intention of being able to make a one stop shop for some of the things that we want to share and while we’re keen users of other social media sites and practices, it can sometimes feel like those “other sites” can be a bit invasive and that they have a tendency to bombard the follower with short bursts of brief and overly streamlined info to the detriment of content and purpose.  This isn’t always the best way to convey the extent of ones enthusiasms and the good thing about a blog post is that once it’s been flagged up,  you really do not have to read.

We’ll make no mistake that the purpose of this blog is to collate a raft of enthusiasms in to one  place because at the heart of what we do here in Spillers is that very thing, being inspired and wanting to share it far and wide.

We foresee that it will be a place for us to detail about events and in stores happening at Spillers but that also, it will be a place where we flag up events in our local area and further afield.  Of course, you’ll find a leaning to pushing and promoting things that hopefully want to bring customers to visit us and inspire your patron (we have ever-increasing rent and rates to pay after all so let’s not sugarcoat this arrangement) but what you can depend on is that each and everything post that comes up on these pages will have the common thread of being at the core of what makes the collective person-power that steers the good ship Spillers through interesting times TICK.  From the heart.  So we’ll be pushing the music we love (and sell), the gigs we’re looking forward too (inc. some we may be selling tickets for), and sharing what has caught our ears from elsewhere out there.





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