Cardiff Life Fantastic 50


For issue #1 of 2017 Cardiff Life filled their magazine with a sumptuously positive run down of the 50 people they believe to be shaping a brighter Cardiff. It was a huge compliment (not to mention surprise) for us to see Ash’s face nestled amongst the collage of greats (Gwenno, Gruff, Gareth Bale, Charlotte Church, Huw Stephens, our friends from Penylan Panty ).

Grouped in various headings (Creative, Sport, Food, Visionaries), Cardiff Life gave us all thoroughly positive start to the New Year.  Thank you Cardiff Life, we’re most humbled to be sharing your front page with all these wonderful people!

While you probably wont find copies of the issue this far in to the year, the content can be viewed here  with the feature in question spanning pages 19-27.